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A picture of Ben Bangs and Lindsay Wagner in Studio City, California in October of 2007
Me with Lindsay Wagner at the October 2007 Fansource Weekend in North Hollywood, California

Bionic DVDs to Be Released At Last



April 1, 2010: Ken Johnson announces on his website that both The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman will be released on Region 1 (North American) DVD soon, and that he is working on loads of special features (assumedly for both).  This marks the end of a longstanding rights dispute between Universal Studios, owner of these awesome properties, and Dimension Home Video (a division of Disney), who pounced on performance rights several years ago when, for whatever reason, Universal let them lapse.  Dimension had planned a spoof of $6 Mil, starring Jim Carey in the title role; however, we, the fans spoke out against it, and Dimension has done the right thing by letting Uni go ahead with plans they have had for a while now to actually release these historic programs on DVD.


I know Lindsay Wagner, and have loved her show for many years now.  Our relationship is not such that I have any sort of inside track on what Ken Johnson and Universal are doing or planning; however, I do speak with Lindsay quite regularly, and we do discuss The Bionic Woman.  So, if you have specific requests to pass along about what you'd like to see in the way of special features on the forthcoming DVD set, use the "E-Mail Me" page to tell me about them, and -- time and other circumstances permitting -- I may be able to pass them on to Lindsay, who just might in turn manage to pass them on to The Powers That Be.

In any case, let's all thank those powers for FINALLY getting off their you-know-what and committing to this project!  I think I can speak for all bionic fans when I shout from my online front door: It's about (bloody) time.

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